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    Brush Head Replacement

    Tampico brush head replacement

    Keep your fireplace and hearth clean with this brush head. Featuring a heavy duty compact design, this high quality brush is perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach spaces, such as between your log rack slats. With its flexible bristles, this hearth brush makes sweeping up ash and wood chips simple and easy.

    • Compact Design For Tight Spaces
    • Heavy Duty For Cleaning Textured Surfaces
    • Makes Clue Up Simple And Easy

    Item Number Item # Size Description Description Size Weight Weight
    BRU-T4 BRU-T4 4"W Regular Tampico Brush Head Replacement Regular Tampico Brush Head Replacement4"W 1 lbs. 1 lbs.
    BRU-T5 BRU-T5 5"W Large Tampico Brush Head Replacement Large Tampico Brush Head Replacement5"W 1 lbs. 1 lbs.